Milwaukee SSPE 1500 X


saber, type of power: 1500 W

Main (Milwaukee SSPE 1500 X)
Type sabre
Power consumption 1 500 W
Type of food network
Features (Milwaukee SSPE 1500 X)
The connection to the vacuum cleaner
Laser marker
Specifications (Milwaukee SSPE 1500 X)
Move canvas 32 mm
The number of moves the blade in a minute 2 800
Dimensions and weight (Milwaukee SSPE 1500 X)
Length 477 mm
Weight 4.5 kg
Trim (Milwaukee SSPE 1500 X)
Trim Canvas SAWZALL®, extra clip blade for securing the blade wrench, 4 m cable.
Adjust the cutting speed
Noise 91 dB
A dust collector
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